Social network and dating site perfectly cope with the tasks assigned to them. Only the goals they have absolutely different. If you want to communicate with your friends from life, it is better social networking, no one can help you. And if your task at this stage of life to find new friends and find the love of his life, then here your best friends are matrimonial sites.

Users have long understood that social networking sites are not very suitable for dating, unlike dating sites, which are designed to find new acquaintances. Social networks have their own purpose: to communicate with family, friends, classmates, classmates, colleagues at work. Even if someone has attracted your attention or attractive photos have caused a desire to get to know a person, it is not a fact that he is now interested in dating – in fact, maybe a person has long been married (or married), and he is happy, and everything suits him in this life. In this case, an attempt to get acquainted will be directed to the wrong address and may cause confusion. There are also communities or groups for dating in social networks, but why do our acquaintances know that we have a period of active search in our life? Because this is very personal and we don’t need to ask unnecessary questions in such an important matter.

When we come to a dating site, we get into a community of new people we have never met before. That’s why it’s a good place to show yourself. Expose more photos, let yourself be more open-minded, and don’t hesitate to tell us what you think you need to know about yourself. Ask why? The answer is simple: because modesty adorns a person only in real life (although in fact it often paints gray, leaving our many virtues unnoticed), and in the virtual world – courage is the key to success. 

Here, our goal is to communicate and get to know each other. Online dating sites are aimed purely at establishing new contacts, building relationships that, when a certain degree of trust is achieved, move from virtual life to the real one. In other words, a dating site is communication. That is why there is no video or audio entertainment on such sites, and there are no games either. On dating site we have come to communicate, search and find those who are interesting to us, assess and comment on new photos, send each other sympathy and compliments. And that’s what we really need to get to know each other effectively.

According to a recent study, online dating provides a more successful opportunity than previously thought to find lasting relationships and friendships for thousands of people. Meeting “girls near me” and creating a lasting relationship is as easy as clicking on any of the pictures of ads available on the Internet. You can find a partner for the relationship that suits you best: whether it’s for fun, friendship or marriage. Rest assured that you’ll find the right partner to have fun with. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free today! A user analysis of online dating sites shows that when couples who started their relationship by correspondence or chatting met for the first time, 94% of them continued their meetings.

This may sound unexpected, but the study also found that men are more emotionally dependent on their virtual partners than women and more inclined to serious relationships. This study by Dr Jeff Gavin of Bough University (UK) comes at a time when the number of internet dating users has increased significantly, with around 6 million Englishmen registered at one or another of the dating sites. However, such sites are popular all over the world, so no matter where you are now, you can find the other half by using dating site.