No wonder that with the international growth of the international market, so the international exchange programs grow as well. A lot of universities from all over the world provide students an opportunities to study abroad for a term year or even till getting some degree.  Alternatively, the Erasmus exchange program, designed to cater for students who wish to study in the EU member states, is a viable exchange program that is used by over 4000 students each season. There are many universities signed up to Erasmus and to other international programs, and it is worth seeking further information on the internet in order to find the best option.

International Internships

It’s very popular, when it comes to a graduates and under-graduates,a s that can give a major experience of a foreign country, that will be available later for working opportunity. Also it’s obvious that foreign languages are highly important when it comes to a creating your CV, as well as competing into the commercial world, and with much to be said for learning the customs of another nation there is plenty of opportunity. It doesn’t really matter what background you are having, opportunities for the internship are vary from case to case. With the rapid increases in communication technology and globalisation, you can now do your international internship in any corner of the globe. You can easily opt to a programs in United Kingdom, Spain and France, it’s all about what you want to get and how to look for it.

The basics of an Internship

Most internships cosist of the following common elements:

  • 8-10 weeks of full time work;
  • A defined goal or projects which creates real world value for the sponsor organisation and invaluable industry experience for the student;
  • Daily interaction with staff, colleagues and a mentor within the organisation;
  • Travel and accomodation in a foreign place.

The key is to find the right sponsoring organisation for your career moving forward.

Which areas are covered?

    • Accounting
    • Archaeology
    • Architecture and Construction
    • Community Development
    • Consulting
    • Economics
    • Environment
    • Engineering
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • International Relations
    • Journalism and Media
    • Law
    • Marketing and PR
    • Sciences
    • Social Work
    • Teaching

That’s totally worth to invest into possibilities of using Emeramus as the exchange program, to find better and more sophisticated ways to muster your knowledge and skills. international internships and many international companies can take interns for set periods of time and the experience can be one that is very much worth the effort. The internet is an excellent source of information where international internships are concerned.

Is there any advantages in Internships?

It’s undertaken that international internship, is the best possible way for the great exposure, towards the global industry, to have better results while seeking the job in the future. t will also look very good on your professional CV, and candidates with this international experience are often favoured in job applications for the prospective employers.

Alot of Internships lead to long lasting realtionships and business networking connections which become part of your genetic make up in your area of expertise.

Legal Intern Availability

We are a dynamic legal firm practising immigration law and business in Central London. Our firm has been trading since July 2009 and we run a busy office with current staff of four people.

We were looking to recruit an intern through Erasmus for a period of 3 or 6 months. We are looking for someone whose English is of good command and that has a second langauage such as Arabic, French, Turkish, Portuguese or Spanish.

The potential intern will be working under the direct supervision of the two senior legal consultants.

The role will involve extensive training in a professional legal and business environment where the candidate would be able to take on some important skills.

London WC2B 6AA

T: 02076816142

M: 07900688354