Choosing a backpack is not as easy as you might think at first sight. A backpack that provides you with maximum comfort and convenience while traveling should be sure to fit your size and height. It is not worth buying a huge backpack for junior grade children or a miniature backpack for a student of sports physique. The backpack must visually match your appearance – if you don’t take this into account when buying, you risk being disappointed after a fairly short time.

Standard backpack sizes are divided into small, medium and large. Choose the model that is most proportionate to the size of your body – only in this case you are guaranteed comfort and convenience in the long-term wearing a backpack, even at its maximum load. Many different options can be found here

Choose your backpack according to your needs

The first thing to do is to decide for what purpose you will be using your future purchase. There are mini backpacks called messengers – these are more suitable for teenage girls. Style of minimalism in the backpack is also suitable for rare use during short walks – do not expect to put in your backpack a huge number of things, such models are designed for minimum weight loading.

It is also worth considering at what time of year you plan to use the future purchase – for year-round use is quite suitable backpack made of tarpaulin material that can confidently withstand any rainfall. Backpack made of nylon material or polyester will suit fans of cycling, because it is lightweight, durable and will not become an additional burden for the cyclist.

There are backpacks, which can be called universal – in their development the manufacturer took into account all the qualities that are important to modern man. Universal backpacks are spacious and durable, equipped with reliable wide straps and practical zippers. Such backpacks have a lot of pockets, compartments and are equally well suited for both junior schoolchildren and travelers who prefer extreme adventures in a variety of weather conditions.

The material of the backpack must meet your needs – canvas, tarpaulin, leather or synthetic materials are chosen by people with completely different life goals, different ages and sex. So be sure to consider your social status, interests and purpose of the backpack. Powerful dark-colored leather backpack will not suit a teenage girl, and a bright fabric backpack with shiny fancy clasps is not worth buying as a gift to a guy student.

Backpacks made of tarpaulin and canvas materials are popular among high school students and students who lead an active lifestyle. Such material is practical, durable and does not require special care in handling. Backpacks made of nylon material (markings of manufacturers often indicate as Cordura fabric) are suitable for travelers, cyclists and climbers. These bags are lightweight, comfortable and practical, yet completely resistant to external influences and premature abrasion.

Ripstop backpacks are also suitable for travel – but they can withstand even the longest distances. These rucksacks have enhanced waterproofing properties, are lightweight and as practical as nylon backpacks. Leather backpacks – it is stylish and fashionable at any time of year, with this you can not argue. The only downside, besides, of course, quite high price, can be called fading of leather models – but this is not the first season of socks, and for a fairly long time.

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