Outsourcing becomes more popular and influences all industries worldwide. IT companies grow, so grow their needs in partnership with outsourcing managed service providers. Let’s take a look at the last IT outsourcing trends.

  1. Less attention to cost reduce. We used to perceive outsourcing like an instrument for reducing expenses. But this view is moving away. More and more customers are looking for an outsourcing party not only for lowering the costs but also for getting a skilled and efficient team, which could become a good partner. The customer becomes more focused on the people and the result, but less on the costs.
  1. A lack of narrow IT specialists. The lack of narrow specialists increases the demand for outsourcing IT companies, which can solve a specific customer’s problem. According to Global Sourcing Association (GSA), the most needed outsourcing specialists in 2019-2020 are:
  • digital transformers;
  • transformation architects;
  • automation experts;
  • customer-security managers;
  • operation strategists;
  • design-thinkers.
  1. Cloud sourcing. The demand for cloud technologies is increasing, which automatically increases the demand for cloud platforms. So, IT outsourcing cloud computing will have a big grow soon.
  1. Automation of manual processes. According to the GSA report, 80% pollees think artificial intelligence (AI) will make a big difference over the next 10 years, and 83% think the same about robotic process automation (RPA). Bots and virtual agents greatly facilitate the work routine. 2019 should become a year of development AI assistants. As a result, there is a growing demand for specialists in AI and data analysis areas.
  1. Focus on cybersecurity. During a few last years we can see, how increases public attention to data security. Cyber-criminals become more skillful, so they can easily get sensitive data, which causes demand on cybersecurity systems. According to Spiceworks’ survey, business owners consider it important to train employees on how to prevent cyber attacks.
  2. Growing numbers of Virtual/Augmented reality projects. In recent years, the augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) market has significantly increased. This area has seen fantastic growth. More and more customers are looking for specialists who can work with VR/AR technologies.
  1. Alternative location of IT outsourcing companies. Not so long ago, in 2015 the list of outsourcing companies was headed by India and China. Now it expands and leading countries face the competitors from Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, and Poland. For example, many Ukrainian companies are among IT outsourcing market leaders through the recent years.

Wrapup: how outsourcing will change during 2019?

Outsourcing blurs the lines between the businesses and skilfull and talented people, and gives the opportunity to cooperate regardless of location. Outsourcing in IT is much demanded and becomes increasingly popular. This area is rapidly growing and transforming literally right now.

Companies will continue to look for outsourcing parties, which can give not only high-quality results but also become a reliable partner. We witness the Artificial Intelligence development, increasing cybersecurity and other changes. Also, 2019 will bring us new leaders of outsourcing from different countries. Regardless of changes, the main trend of outsourcing is to choose a qualified and reliable partner for your company.